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Quick thinking

Since arriving as complete novices to the world of gin in 2019, the husand and wife owners of Ayrshire’s smallest gin producer, The Inventor’s Gin Co, have had to adapt their business model to a rapidly changing world.

Due to the pandemic, all face-to-face gin events were cancelled throughout 2020, so the company went virtual for a limited number of tasting events, but this still left the distillery owners, Andrea and Steven Lockhart, with time on their hands.

They decided to design and build their own smokehouse, they increased storage capacity for dried ingredients, started growing their own chillies, increased production capacity and dipped their toes in direct-to-consumer online sales, which helped some cash to keep flowing.

Although the online tastings helped the company to continue to run events, they’re very much looking forward to welcoming customers back through the doors and will continue to embrace online selling.

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