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People’s Choice Spirits Awards

The People’s Choice Spirits Awards is now open for entries for its 2022 competition. We recommend it to you because it offers great promotional opportunities for winners and finalists.

The consumer-friendly categories include tequila, vodka, brandy, canned cocktails/mixed spirits drinks  under the ‘Great Outdoors’ category, and cream/fruit-based liquors alongside gin, whiskey/whisky, no/low alcohol and rum.

The fee is a modest £80, with only one bottle (or equivalent) required for entry.

All the details to enter can be found here.

There are also bursaries on offer for flavoured and spiced rums under the ‘Spice up Your Life’ category, sponsored by Berlin Packaging, which bring the entry fee down to only £40! Any entries for this should be made using this link.

The team behind the Awards is very friendly so if you want to have a chat with Janet (07793 749362) or send an email to Janet.

The deadline for online entries is 25 October, with deliveries of samples by 29 October 2021, but there is some flexibility on dates, so please contact the organisers if you need more time.

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