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The cat’s whiskers

Old Tom Gin is the latest new product from Shakespeare Distillery; it is a very light, citrus-forward gin which is naturally sweetened with local honey and is slightly sweeter than a London Dry Gin.

The name of the gin is derived from the black cat plaques (often referred to as “Old Tom” or “Puss and Mew”) that adorned the walls of gin houses, where patrons could deposit a coin in exchange for an illicit shot of gin.

It was an ingenious solution for customers in the 18th century who wanted to sip in secrecy.

Shakespeare Distillery, the award-winning, independent artisan spirit producer, now has its own version of the Puss and Mew proudly on display at their shop in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Commenting on the new gin Simon Picken, a director at the distillery said: “We’re thrilled to launch this delicious, traditional gin and a fun new way for customers to try it in our Stratford town centre shop.

“Come and enjoy a taste of Old Tom Gin and raise a toast to the clever folks of the past who, with the help of a mischievous cat and a little ingenuity, kept the gin flowing and the spirits high!”

Shakespeare Distillery, which was founded in 2015 by Simon Picken and Peter Monks, is Stratford-upon-Avon’s only working distillery and produces a series of carbon neutral spirits including Stratford Gin, Jester Rum and various distillery specials.

For more information about Shakespeare Distillery visit their website