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New look for The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Distillery, based near Edinburgh on the edge of the Pentland Hills Regional Park, has unveiled a striking new brand identity.

The company’s innovative new packaging design reinforces their ‘Rooted in Nature’ ethos and their sustainability credentials. In May 2021 that the company completed a successful rebranding programme and announced their new managing director, André de Almeida. 

Their core range includes two traditional gins: Lemon Verbena and Wild, and two floral gins: Elderflower & Jasmine and Apothecary Rose.

Lemon Verbena is a contemporary style gin that is naturally zesty in fragrance.

Wild is a London Dry gin with a naturally herbaceous fragrance, using hand-picked botanicals.

Elderflower & Jasmine is a naturally-flavoured gin with a floral fragrance with hints of sweetness. Apothecary Rose is also naturally-flavoured, made from the world’s oldest known rose.

Sustainability and natural production are The Secret Garden Distillery’s core values, which has been reflected in the new packaging design. The labels are made using 30% grass, which reduces the energy consumption of the paper production process by 97%, water consumption by 99% and produces 20% less CO2.

Additionally, the corks will move to being made from natural micro-granules – a sustainable, natural source – and the security seal is completely biodegradable. 

Commenting on the company’s new look, Hamish Martin, the founder, herbologist and head gardener at The Secret Garden Distillery said: “Nature is at the heart of everything we do and our aim is to communicate this message to a wider audience. We are truly ‘Rooted in Nature’ and the changes made to our packaging, such as the grass labels, are part of our journey to become even more sustainable.” 

The Secret Garden Gins are crafted from botanicals grown and harvested by hand at the distillery’s own secret garden, with views over the Pentland Hills. The garden has over 600 plants and herbs, all of which are carefully tended to by the Secret Garden team. No chemicals are used in the garden and they use plants to heal plants. 

For more information about The Secret Garden Distillery visit their all new website


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