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Love is in the air

The Isle of Harris Distillery is the Scottish Gin Distillery of The Year 2021 and produces a multi-award-winning gin. This year to celebrate Valentine’s Day the distillery has produced a series of  new cards featuring four age-old courting rituals from the Outer Hebrides.

The range of cards that the distillery has commissioned features a series of four specially designed Valentine’s cards, each telling a unique tale – from daring cliff-top balancing acts to the secret codes used when asking for a hand in marriage.

Commenting on the new range of cardsMike Donald, the chief storyteller at the distillery said: “Before the days of pubs and social clubs, islanders would have to find innovative ways to find a partner. And, with such close-knit communities, discretion and decorum were key to keeping any future in-laws onside. It’s been fun uncovering how love bloomed back in the day; it was very definitely a pre-Tinder world!”

The distillery will also be sharing these fables across social media in the run up to Valentine’s Day, whose Gaelic word for 14 February means “Day Of The Kiss”. The limited edition cards will also include the traditional greetings in the native language of the islands.

The cards will be included free with every order from their online store and can also include a personalised, handwritten message at no extra charge (available online from now until the 9 February 2022).

For more information visit their website

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