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Issue Two out now

If you haven’t yet seen issue two, you can view it as a PDF or on two digital platforms by clicking here.

From issue two:

On Monday 19 July — or ‘Freedom Anecdotal evidence from the food Day’ to many — England finally and drink sector suggests that the witnessed the end of the majority of COVID-19 restrictions and life started to return to pre-pandemic normality.

But, with the increases in the number of cases of the delta strain of COVID-19 we are all being asked to remain vigilant (whatever that really means).

That said, there are now no limits on social contact — no more ‘rules of six’ — and no limits on the number of wedding guests or mourners at funerals.

Gone are the compulsory face coverings — although the advice is that people can choose to wear a face covering in confined or crowded places — and you can once again order drinks at a bar (the subject of an article in this issue).

Those that were working from home will have started to return to the workplace, which should be helping to boost sales in sandwich shops, cafés, pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The UK holiday sector has been buoyed by a surge in bookings. This can only good news for the suppliers of the hospitality industry, including the artisan and hand-crafted drinks sector, which has witnessed a dramatic reduction in demand over the last 18 months.


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