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Happy J’s Launches

New Brand Happy J’s launches range of alcoholic kombucha to introduce the beverage to Brits

A London-based entrepreneur and lawyer is harnessing his passion for food and drinks has launched his own range of natural, low sugar, alcoholic beverages that utilise probiotic-rich organic kombucha.

The new brand, Happy J’s, has now launched online with two flavours inspired by refreshing and beloved cocktails: the iconic mojito reimagined in Mint & Lime, and a tropical homage to the mango daiquiri in Mango & Ginger.

Kombucha, a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years, has become increasingly popular globally for its position as a source of probiotics and antioxidants.

It’s part of a growing trend towards functional drinks; beverages which provide additional functionality and health benefits for consumers.

The global market for kombucha is anticipated to reach nearly £8bn by 2027 and, at present, the drink is especially popular in North America in both its conventional and alcoholic varieties.

It was during a trip to the US that Happy J’s founder Jake Filson developed a taste for kombucha, and an interest in bringing an alcoholic version to the UK.

Now, Happy J’s is hoping to surf the hard seltzer wave that has seen Brits increasingly interested in more health and calorie-conscious alcoholic beverages, by offering an option with greater health benefits and stronger flavours.

Jake Filson, Founder at Happy J’s, said: “Two years ago I was on the corporate hamster wheel. I quit my job and went to see a mate in California, and was blown away by the functional drinks market out there. I tasted alcoholic “hard” kombucha, and I was amazed to discover it didn’t exist in the UK.

During lockdown, I started brewing my own kombucha at home and experimenting with kombucha cocktails. I saw hard seltzers picking up traction as a low sugar, low calorie alternative to sickly sweet cocktails in a can, and I thought I could provide the consumer with a similar alternative but by adding kombucha, I could offer something that was functional and more flavoursome.”

Happy J’s is a drink that tastes good and does good too as a registered member of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses that donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes. Founded in response to only 3% of all philanthropic donations going towards environmental causes, 1% for the Planet certifies donations to prevent greenwashing and verify its members’ commitments to people and planet are being met.

Both flavours of Happy J’s alcoholic kombucha are now available via its website.

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