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Hang Oat Vanilla coming soon

Helsinki-based Arctic Blue Beverages has launched Hang Oat Vanilla, their first oat-based ready-to-drink (RTD) product. The new product is already on sale in Finland and will be available across Europe later this year.

Available in Tetra Pak cartons, the novelty drink is based on the company’s multi-award winning Arctic Blue Gin, which combines the tastes of wild northern European nature and pure Finnish water.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Valtteri Eroma, CEO of Arctic Blue Beverages, said: “This new product expands our range of oat-based products. It is aimed especially at younger, environmentally-conscious people, for whom sustainability is important.”

Hang Oat Vanilla is Arctic Blue Beverages’ first oat-based mild alcoholic beverage, but there are plans to expand its RTD range with the launch of new flavours and packaging sizes – both in Finland and abroad.

Eroma is delighted that the company has been able to respond to the rapidly growing trend for RTD beverages and the increasing popularity of dairy-free oat-based drinks, along with the development of new oat products: “We have created an innovation platform that allows our product development to respond quickly to trends and market changes without taking months of development work.”

According to Eroma, the global market for RTD drinks contnues to grow exponentially and at the same time, oat-based options are taking shelf space from traditional dairy products: “Growth in both categories is massive. With the new Hang Oat Vanilla just launched, we are among the first to take part in the growing segment.”

For more information about Hang Oat Vanilla contact:
Valtteri Eroma
CEO & Head of Brand
Arctic Blue Beverages
T: +358 40 550 1343

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