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Girls allowed

Award-winning Birmingham-based bar, The Pineapple Club, is celebrating its second birthday in September by launching a new menu that’s been curated to champion under represented groups in the UK drinks sector.   

All drinks brands on the ‘Faces of our Industry’ menu have been selected due to their high quality and because of the people behind them, bringing recognition to under-represented groups that help to make the industry thrive. 

Ten Locks’ head, Becky Davies, has been featured on the menu, together with the purpose-led drinks firm’s tequila brand, El Tequileńo, with the aim of putting female-led businesses on the map and celebrate the role of women in the drinks industry.  

Commenting on the initiative, Becky Davies, Head of Commercial at Ten Locks said: “We’re striving to build a better drinks industry for the future, so all the brands that we work with act as a driving force to enact positive change in the world.

“This forms a perfect synergy with what The Pineapple Club is trying to achieve with the launch of its ‘Faces of our Industry’ menu – giving recognition and providing brands from under-represented communities with the voice and platform they deserve.

“El Tequileńo is no exception: with 60 years heritage the brand is setting a prime example in sustainability with 98% of distillery residuals from production being recycled into natural fertiliser for next generation of agaves. 

“The menu is about recognising the difference in people and valuing and enabling everyone to thrive in hospitality. As an industry, we are able to support so many people, such as LGBTQ+, minorities, ethnic minorities, mental health neurodivergence, immigrants and more, but most often we do not think about this. This initiative really strives to celebrate these different groups of people – it’s truly wonderful.” 

Cucumber-infused El Tequileńo Blanco is featured in a cocktail called Jasminium, which also includes vine peaches, sake and jasmine. 

For more information visit The Pineapple Club’s website

For more information about El Tequileńo visit their website