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Folc’s 2021 vintage rosé

In anticipation of the warmer spring weather, Folc, England’s highest ranking still rosé, is set to launch their 2021 vintage.

Having only launched last year, Folc impressed wine critics and accrued numerous awards in this country and abroad. Most recently, the 2021 IEWA (Independent English Wine Awards) awarded the brand a Gold Award for its “great complexity” and “smooth elegant finish”, taking home one of only two gold medals awarded to still rosé.

Folc was founded by Elisha Rai and Tom Cannon who have a passion for wine and in particular the quality of wine that is produced on English soil. Having decided to champion English rosé four years ago, in 2020 the novice winemakers jumped in to the wine industry in the midst of the world pandemic.

Elisha is one of the very few female BAME wine producers who recognises that the wine industry has some way to go when it comes to diversity. Elisha and Tom are keen to demystify wine by speaking the same language as their customers. The wine, which is vegan and naturally gluten free, is produced using a limited number of sulphates without compromising quality.

The company’s name, Folc, is the old English word for people, tribe and family, and the owners want this to be a wine that family and friends together.

The grapes used to make Folc’s award-winning wine are all sourced from family-run vineyards in Kent, East and West Sussex, and Suffolk. The 2021 vintage is a unique blend of six different grape varieties, comprising Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Bacchus and Kerner.

The grapes are then transported to Canterbury where they meet Folc’s extremely talented winemakers with a combined 60 years of experience. The grapes are fermented separately before being expertly blended to produce an uncompromisingly high quality wine.

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