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Can you believe it?

The Copper Crew, founded by three friends Oli, Theo and Sam, produces award-winning wines in cans, a concept that was inspired by the trend for canning wines that started in the USA.

Oli had the idea to launch a canned wine company whilst studying in the USA, where he had seen the growth in the number of companies canning wines.

On his return to Cambridge he presented his idea to his good friend Theo, a management consultant at the time, who introduced him to Sam, an accomplished winemaker based in South Africa.

During 2019 their concept for The Copper Crew was developed and by March 2020 their first canned wines were rolling off the production line. Today, their product range is from carefully selected and blended wines from South Africa, including a 2019 Rosé, a 2019 Chenin Blanc and a 2018 Merlot.

Their decision to choose cans rather than the more traditional medium came down to environmental considerations. Aluminium cans are almost endlessly recyclable and their production creates less CO2 (compared to bottling wine).

Cans also protect wine from UV light and are filled with an inert gas to keep the wine fresh. The canned wine will also not age in the cans, which is why the producers choose specifically blended wines that are ready to drink.

You don’t need corkscrews or even glasses to enjoy The Copper Crew’s wine – you just need the opportunity and excuse to meet with friends to share a can or two.

For more information about The Copper Crew visit their website.