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Devilishly good

At Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we were delighted to receive a bottle of Diablesse Coconut & Hibiscus Rum, which is produced by the first solely female-owned rum brand in the UK. Cleo Farman launched her company in 2019 after travelling the Caribbean and spent months back in the UK developing her range of rum. Following the […]

Iced tea perfected

Iced tea is one of those American institutions that you imagine has been enjoyed by those living in the balmy southern states for hundreds of years, yet it only become popular in the 1860s. Although iced tea is gaining popularity outside the United States and is being enjoyed by an increasing number of countries around […]

As you like it

We’re delighted to report that Shakespeare Distillery has expanded its business in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon where it has opened a brand new experiences space, which will create six new jobs. The independent artisan spirit producer has taken a long-term lease at 1 High Street in the historic town which houses their retail shop on […]

Super smooth whisky

Having sampled the Highland Birchwater produced by Birkentree I struggled to find enough superlatives to describe the smoothness that their product adds to whisky. When I first poured the birchwater into my tumbler of whisky there was no discernible difference from adding regular water. At this stage I didn’t really expect to experience anything dramatically […]